As you all know on all of the previous week, made our kaiser bun using sponge dough, but it seem that the kaiser bun didn't look very pretty when we put the mince meat in it, more so when we bake it. So on this week we will change our dough recipe using straight dough, this is because straight dough is more elastic than sponge dough, so we thought that the dough will able to handle the mince meat and will not tear off.

To start off with the test here is the recipe for the straight dough:

yeast-10gbread softener-1tbsp
Castor sugar-60g
fresh milk-50mlcold water-150ml

And seeing that we did not give the recipe for our mince meat marination on the previous week,
here it is:

Mince meat-2Lbs
Egg lightly beaten-1no
A1 sauce-2tbsp
HP sauce-2tbspWinchester sauce-1tspOnion (fine chop)-1no
Salt & pepper-To Taste

Onion + mince meat + salt & pepper + HP sauce + A1 sauce + Winchester sauce + egg

Preparation to make Kaiser Bun:
• After the dough has been rest, take the dough and punch it so the excess air will come out.
• Take about 100 gm from the dough to make Kaiser Bun.
• Flat the dough.
• Make sure that the mince meats are already half cooked.
• Put the mince meat and cheese at the edge of the dough.
• Roll the dough carefully in to a cylinder shape.
• Now the mince meat must be inside the dough.
• Then twist the dough about 4 times and roll it into a kaiser shape.
• Let it rest about 5 minutes
• Then, spread egg wash onto the Kaiser bun.
• Lastly put a little bit of honey on top of the meat.

Baking Preparation:
• Preheat the oven about 300 C.
• For baking, decrease the temperature from 300 C to 120 C.
• Baked it for about 30-45 minutes

than VoilĂ  we got our self kaiser bun with meat filling suitable for breakfast set!
so now seeing that our experiment was a success we are ready for the i-Food, our FID event!!

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