We would like give our utmost gratitude to our lecture, Zaid Bin Abdul Razak for all his guidance, advice and suggestion on improving our experiment during all this trial and error on making our product accepted by the public and improve our skill on experiment and new method. Also thanks to our entire classmate for giving their comment on our product and criticism either it is positive or negative, we accept it with open minds. We also would like to thank each other forgiving the utmost cooperation to make this project a success, last but not least our biggest thank to UNIRAZAK and body of MICE for make this possible for us.
Sincerely form RawfoodStuff.


From innovation we knew that it bring the meaning of something that has been invented and we improvise whereby it will be better than before or different from before. This subject of food innovation we have to innovate something new, we got the idea of experimenting on Kaiser Bun as our product. By experimenting on Kaiser Bun we would be working with various of flour and dough, also we will have to know all the method on how to handle the production of the bun and the method of making the bun develop as we wanted it to be. Also we need to know on how to apply the filling or topping to our bun, if we manage to make the bun a success as in their type of marination and how to combine it with the dough.


basically our activity on each class are as followed:
  • we will have a briefing on what is our current product status
  • give an explanation on what we're going to do for the day
  • prepare our station
  • start with preparing our Mise en place
  • preheat the oven and half cooked the meat then let it cool
  • prepare the dough
  • make the the kaiser bun roll
  • bake
  • then present it to our lecture and he will take sample of our product
  • then another simple briefing
  • then the class will dismiss

Organization chart


Task Implementation

Before the event
  • We started preparing the Kaiser bun around 2 pm.
  • One of our team member was having his international cuisine exam so its just the three of us working together.
  • We start making the dough.
  • Then we make it into Kaiser Bun with the filling inside it.
  • After that we bake it and cut each bun into 4.
  • There was 16 uncut buns.
  • After we cut it into 4, there was 64 small pieces.
  • We wrap and store the Kaiser bun in room temperature.
  • Then we clean our stations.
  • The preparation of the I-Food event has been made.

During the event

  • On Wednesday morning before the event we preheat the Kaiser bun.
  • Then we bring it to student lounge for the event.
  • We set up our table that was provided by MICE.
  • We waited for the VIP which is Maria Tunku Sabri, Chef William Quah, Chef Adzhar Md Zin and our collage dean Assoc. Prof. Dr.Muhamad Naim Kamari to launch the ceremony.
  • Then the judges will go to each of the participant’s station so the the participant will explain what is their product.
  • The judge will taste each product that has been prepared while giving their comment on the contestant product.
  • After that there was a price giving ceremony.

After the event

  • Then we started to clean up our station and bring the things back into the kitchen.
  • There was a short talk about career and entrepreneurship.
  • The event for that day was successfully finished.

group member that are position in the student lounge.

giving an explanation to the judge

(from left) Maria Tunku Sabri, Chef Adzhar Md Zin, Chef William Quah


Problem faced (event)

happily to say that we hardly face any problem on that day, its just that our display table on the event are place at the end of the exhibition, it was near the exit door. So here the problem is our table were located near the air conditioner that are attach to the exit door, thus making our bun quite hard.


The person that are in charge of positioning the table must be aware on what, how and where to position the table properly.


in conclusion our product basically are main for breakfast set and are meant to be simple while contain a lot of nutritious, perfect for people that are on the go.


Zaid Razak

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