As you all know this is our first real (complete) experiment on our kaiser bun.
we will start on how to put a good use of our filling (mince meat).
to make our bun for this week we use sponge dough recipe.

The dough recipe are:

yeast-1 1/2 tsp
flour-3 cups
water-1 1/4 cups
honey-1 Tbsp
salt-2 tsp
oil-1/4 cup

for the mince meat we marinate it and then half cooked it before we make it as a filling for our kaiser bun
the recipe for our mince meat marination are:

at first we place the filling as a topping on the kaiser bun but it was a failure because the the bun expand when we bake it thus making the topping spread very messy so REJECT!!!

then we tried mixing the dough with the meat, it is proven very hard to shape it into a kaiser shape because we hardly see any mince meat in it and it is not tasty enough but if we add more mince meat it will be all sticky and very hard to mix it all together, so REJECT!!!

now seeing that we spend a lot of time on baking the kaiser bun our experiment have to be continued next week,
so until next time.

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