For this week we will start with our REAL project; KAISER BUN!
it is also called a Vienna roll or a hard roll, is a kind of bread roll, popular in countries such as the United States, Poland and Canada.
It is typically a crusty round roll, often sprinkled on top with poppy seeds or sesame seeds, made by folding corners of a square inward so that their points meet. It is often used as a bun for sandwiches, including hamburgers.



OK lets move on to the ingredient:

450g of Flour
200g of Water
salt to taste
1no of egg yolk
20g of yeast


Now here is the method of doing it:

Firstly sieve the flour so that it is smooth and separate any unwanted thing in the flour, than stir the dough then add the water little by little until it is stiff. Meanwhile add the yeast and salt for flavor.

Place the stiff dough in a mixing bowl and let it to rise, so that it will become soft and when its soft enough then stretch it to check for the elasticity.

Than roll and twist the dough and fold it into a kaiser shape. Place the dough in a tray and then sweep a little bite of egg Yolk on top of the dough. Bake the dough for about 30 minute in a already preheat oven.

Now this is our own kaiser bun after it is been egg wash and bake this is how its look.



OK to fold it up, basically for this week we do an experiment on how to form the kaiser bun into a kaiser shape. On to next week we will put topping in top of the kaiser bun. so until next week...

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