Moving on to our second experiment is WHEAT GLUTEN.
our group has to do an experiment on making bread using 4 kind of flour.

  1. All purposes flour
  2. Cake flour
  3. Pastry flour
  4. Bread flour

The Basic Ingredient is:
100g of flour
60ml of water



Now, what are we trying to do here:
  • Characterize the development of wheat gluten in batter and dough.
  • Compare the different between all purposes, cake, pastry, bread flour.
  • Conceptualize the changes the gluten complex undergoes during baking period.
  • Describe the factor influencing gluten development in a variety baked products.
Upon the experiment our group have to make gluten ballexample of Fried gluten balls.


Now here is the method of doing it:

First, stir the dough that form as the water being added with the flour. Add only enough water to make stiff dough. After the water is added, knead the dough vigorously for 5 minutes but without adding the flour.

Place the ball in a strong muslin cloth. Hold the wrapped cloth under slow stream cold water and manipulate the ball to the starch from the dough. If the water of the dough still looks cloudy or milky, these mean that there still have starches in the dough.

Patiently continue the process until the water become clear. When the water begin to look clear, open the cloth and scrape the cream-colored scrape together. Before baking the gluten ball, class members should manipulate the various types to experience their elasticity and cohesiveness.

Then the ball should weigh. Baked the ball on a tray in an oven that has been preheated 232 C (450 F). After baking 15 minutes, turn the temperature from 232 C to 150 C (300 F) and continue baking another 30 minutes without opening the oven door. Cool briefly before weighing and measuring the volume. Cut in half to reveal the interior structure.



OK now we'll give the procedure:
Types of flour – using the flour assigned, prepare 1 gluten ball, according to the basic formula.
  • All purposes flour – prepare the basic formula using all purposes flour.
  • Cake flour – prepare the basic formula using cake flour
  • Pastry flour – prepare the basic formula using pastry flour
  • Bread flour – prepare the basic formula using bread flour.


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